This is a series of shorts that aired before the movie "Beavis And Butthead Do America" was released.

Short 1Edit

We start off with a marker, and Butthead says his line, but then states that it's incorrect (I'm gonna kick your behind) saying it should be "I'm gonna kick your ass" with Beavis agree, on the next take, however, Beavis kicks Butthead in the nuts.

Short 2Edit

Mike Judge reveals that filming is a month behind schedule, but when he says "action" Beavis and Butthead laugh. Mike asks how the word can still be funny after 400 mentions, but they laugh again when he says it again.

Short 3Edit

Butthead is slapping Beavis, and Beavis asks for a stunt double. Instead of a stunt double for him, he gets a stunt double for Butthead.

Short 4Edit

Mike tells Beavis to think of a time when he faced a deep personal loss. Beavis recounts a time Butthead flushed a rat down the toilet. He says his line, and Mike says "it's a rap".

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