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Billy Bob is an early recurring character who appears much less often in later seasons.

An obese redneck, Billy Bob is often shown wearing only a cowboy hat and briefs. He appears fully clothed in Heroes as the owner of a skeet shooting establishment. He wears stereotypical redneck clothes such as a tight-fitting green T-shirt, white jeans and cowboy boots. He often smokes a cigar. Billy Bob is not to be confused with the similar (and similarly-named) character Bill. A similar character to Billy Bob is featured in the 2011 episode, Massage (Which the boys had to massage him or else they'll go the jail). His name is not stated, but could be an older and more obese version of Billy Bob. Voiced by Mike Judge. Billy Bob apparently has few morals, as in Heroes he sold the boys guns even though he knew they were minors, and he later had no qualms with attempting to kill the boys after they steal his scooter (even smashing through a brick wall to catch them).

He made a cameo in Blackout! where he yelled at Mr. Van Dreissen to get off the street and called him a "long-haired pantywaist". He also shortly appeared in Yard Sale as the bartender at the Veteran Legion's Hall simply as "Bill" calling Tom Anderson to watch over his bar while bringing his wife to the hospital.

He appears in the Sega Genesis video game, as a boss, of sorts. Just like in the episode "Bedpans and Broomsticks" he appears, in the hospital, running on a treadmill. When the duo steals his scooter, he chases after them, just like in the episode. If you make it to the steps, he will fall down them, with the duo, destroying the scooter, and knocking himself out, which, on the first go, leads to him losing a ticket piece. However, if the duo hits two many hospital pillows, he will catch up to them, then crush them, killing them.

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