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  • Killer: A knife-wielding serial killer who encounters Beavis and Butt-head after escaping from prison (Most Wanted). He has a jailhouse tattoo of the word "killer" on his forehead, which the duo misread and assume is his name, "Kyler". After being diverted from killing the two due to a confusing conversation about tattoos and Beavis' psychotic ramblings, he gives the duo tattoos on their butts: a picture of a butt with its own butt-shaped tattoo on it. He then turns himself in so that he can give the same tattoo to other inmates. In Vidiots, he appears on a show hosted by Geraldo Rivera about dating services, saying the services were great because he was able to order up his victims, and only regrets that he used his real name in the process. Rivera refers to him as "Tom". In Radio Sweethearts he is shown listening to Beavis and Butt-head on the radio from his prison cell. A character of similar appearance (but with shorter hair) appears as the mall security guard in Underwear. He relapses into his unstable psychotic self in Virtual Stupidity.

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