Hello fellow Wikian! Danskyl7 here and today I'm going write a blog how to create an episode page which I hope will become a useful tips for newbies.

An episode page should have a format of its own, and here are the format:

Beavis and Butt-head Episodes
Content Heading Explanation Important?
Add Template:Infobox episode None

To add this template, simply go to the Templates>Add other templates>Template:Infobox episode

Now that the template has been added, the content inside that should be filled would be:

Name = Name of the episode

Season = Season of that episode, make sure to use 1 instead of Season 1

Number = The overall number of the episode IN that season only.

Air Date = The release date for that episode

Previous = The previous episode before that and please link.

Next = The next episode after that and please link.

Simple introduction (After template) None

(Episode name) is the (Number of episode) episode of (Season number) in Beavis and Butt-head. It is the overall of (Overall number of episode) episode.


Inventors is the 29th episode of Season 7 in Beavis and Butt-head. It is the overall of 189th episode.

Adding Plot (Source Mode: ==Plot==) Adding plot are very important for readers to know what happen in that episode, though plot can be write either simple or long. Yes
Adding Characters (Source Mode: ==Characters==)

This is where you put the characters that's involve in that particular episode, including the one that they were mentioned. If the characters involve had been link inside the plot, so there's no need to add link here. Make sure they are add with bulleted list.


  • Beavis
  • Butt-head
  • Principal Mcvicker
  • John Rambo (Examples, hehehe..)
Adding Gallery (Source Mode: ==Gallery==)

Gallery are where you can put picture based on that particular episode.

To add a gallery, simply go to the Add features and media>gallery>Add photo.

Adding Trivia (Source Mode: ==Trivia==)

Trivia are special information or details based on that particular episode. Quotes from certain characters can be included inside trivia section. If there's none, then don't write it at all.

Other things can also be added (If there any):

  • Locations
  • Music Videos
  • Quotes
Not really, If there's, add them.
Adding Transcript (Source Mode: ==Transcript==) Transcript are conversation during that episode. For an examples: No Laughing. Not really. if there's, add them.
Adding Navigation Template Just put below the trivia The last thing to add inside a episode page is the Navigation Template. Simply add {{Nav-Episodes}}. Yes

I guess that's, thanks all. Bye2

--Danskyl7WAS HERE 09:21, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

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