• Gojirules54

    beavis and butthead wake up 1 day to find that their tv has been stolen and they embark on a quest to find it ! after hours of searching , they're about to give up when they find a abandoned house in which was trigon !here's the transcript of what goes on : trigon (on the phone with some1) : ya sure these guys can pull this off satan ? it's gotta look like a accident ! (beavis and butthead walk up to the front door) trigon (hears the duo outside) : yeah hold on a minute that must be them now ! yeah i'll call ya back ! (hangs up the phone) COME IN ! (beavis and butthead enter and beavis walks over to the tv) beavis : ahah tv ! hehehehe ! trigon (flips on light) : you're late ! butthead : really ? uhuhuhuh ! did we miss baywatch ? trigon (ge…

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