• Mask no Oni

    Episodes that show what goes on in the duo's lives. Arranged in any manner.

    1. Frog Baseball
    2. Couch Fishing
    3. Friday Night
    4. Burger World
    5. Home Improvement
    6. Lawn and Garden
    7. Closing Time
    8. The Great Cornholio
    9. The Crush
    10. Mr. Manners
    11. Liar Liar!
    12. Safe House
    13. Mr. Anderson's Balls
    14. Steamroller
    15. Mr. Candy
    16. Doomsday - Harry Sachs is shown to get his vengeance.
    17. Bounty Hunters
    18. Gang of Two
    19. A Great Day
    20. Drinking Butties
    21. Butt Flambe - Reason: Harry Sachs is dead.
    22. Pool Toys
    23. Yard Sale
    24. Ball Breakers
    25. Cyber Butt
    26. Viva La Cornholio!

    Episodes where the series begins to change and show that permanently. As characters come to disappear off of the show by certain episodes, they come to have an order in which where they don't appear anymore.

    1. Virtual Stupidity - Reason: Todd has always had his comeuppance comin…

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