Victoria's dad appears in the episode Daughter's Hand.

When Beavis and Butthead ask for his daughter's hand, he politely refuses. He acknowledges to them that though he appreciated their proper gestures as well as their interest in her, she's already in a relationship and is a little older than them. He politely sends them off by saying they're gonna have to wait a long time if they want a chance with Victoria.

Later, the duo asked again. Flustered, he admits that he was just being polite and didn't want to emotionally hurt them, but the relationship was never going to happen. He acknowledges that he thinks Victoria would never want any relationship with them, but they reveal they don't want that and just ask for her "hand." When he asks what they're talking about, they reveal they want her to give them hand jobs. Outraged, he attempts to kill them on the spot until Tom Anderson intervenes. He tells him to back off, but he rudely tells him to stay out of it, causing the two to get into a fight on his yard.


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