Season 7, Episode 182
Air date July 25, 1997
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Woodshop is the 22nd episode in Season 7 of Beavis and Butt-Head. It is the overall 182nd episode.


Beavis and Butt-head are at the woodworking classroom. The teacher shows his students how to safely use a table saw by slowly feeding a wooden board through it. Beavis and Butt-head become excited when they witness this. After the teacher says to finish working on birdhouses by Friday, the duo start mucking about. They first feed the saw the boards they are holding, and then their safety goggles are next to go. Beavis and Butt-head go searching for other things to saw in two. They feed everything through the saw: two books, the telephone, a portrait of the teacher with his family, a sandwich bach bag, the teacher's lunchbox and thermos, the first-aid kit, and the teacher's chair. The teacher finally catches them as they try to lift his desk. As Beavis watches the saw rotate, he starts going into some sort of trance, where he puts his right index finger in front of the blade. As Butt-head is getting lectured by the teacher, both turn at the sound of Beavis screaming in pain, and notice that Beavis' finger has been severed. The teacher becomes panicked, as Beavis is now bleeding severely, but is unable to use the medkit or use the phone to call an ambulance, since both had been destroyed.

The next shot shows the duo in the Nurse's office. The school nurse tells Beavis that she has called the ambulance and that they are on their way. She then says to put the severed finger in some ice while she goes to get some painkillers. Butt-head takes the finger out and starts playing around with it, even though Beavis tells him to stop. Butt-head sticks the finger up his nose and sniffs it. When he realizes it smells funny, he asks what Beavis was doing with it while Beavis scratches his rear. The duo are seen in the hopital room. The physician tells Beavis that they were able to reattach his finger, and he is not to use it for 10 to 12 weeks (70 to 84 days). As Beavis starts picking his nostril with his bandaged finger, it comes off! Beavis starts bleeding again, and the episode ends with him and Butt-head laughing while the physician freaks out.


  • Beavis
  • Butt-head
  • School Nurse


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